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  • Jill Breymann

Dinosaur & Paleontology Curriculum with Gather Round & The Good And The Beautiful

Updated: May 6

Dinosaur & Paleontology Curriculum
Dinosaur & Paleontology Curriculum with Gather Round & The Good And The Beautiful

We started this year with the most interesting topic for the kids to engage their excitement for a new school year! Dinosaur & Paleontology Curriculum! We collected items about Dinosaurs along with the curriculum from the Good and the Beautiful and Gather Round Homeschool. I included a lot of hands-on activities to keep them engaged.

This semester was anticipated to be difficult as we were also remodeling the kitchen at the same time. So my goal was to have a lot of hands-on activities with reading and audio learning. This was a perfect start!

We were not tied down to a desk or in a construction zone. We took the sensory activities to the park or backyard to complete the projects.

During our downtime, we interacted with the online portion available.

The Good and the Beautiful has videos available online along with the app from Gather Round with a lot of resources available for parents from parents. Both were extremely helpful in engaging the kids with learning about dinosaurs.

Here is a youtube video with all the resources we used and a sample of the kids utilizing the kits, puzzles, and activities.

Here are links to all the Dinosaur & Paleontology Curriculum, resources, and kits used:

Good And The Beautiful Paleontology from The Good and the Beautiful

The Good and the Beautiful videos

Dinosaurs from Gather Round Homeschool

Resources Used (Affiliate Links are included Below):

Dig It Dinos Tooth Kit

Create with Clay Dinosaurs

Eyewitness Dinosaur Book

Eyewitness Dinosaur: Enter the Incredible World

Build Your Own Dinosaurs Sticker Book

Other Ideas and Resources:

Dinosaur Discover Archeology Dig Kit

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs

National Geographic Kids Dinos Sticker Activity Book

School Supplies:

Kit Faber-Castell Connector Paint Box Watercolor Set

Faber-Castell Beeswax Crayons with Case

Faber-Castell 24 Grip Colored EcoPencils Crayola 50 ct

Long Colored Pencils

Expo Block Dry Erase

Washable Markers

Yellow Highlighters

Sterilite Large Clip Box for storing School Supplies

I hope this is helpful for your homeschool class. I hope this brings help and creative ideas for your Dinosaur loving family.


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