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Earning Summer Screen Time Ideas

Updated: Jul 1

Screen time has been an issue with 5 kids as they would rather sit on the couch, eat

popcorn, and watch movies all day or play outside with their friends rather than help around the house. So we created an activity chart that they have to participate in to Earn Summer Screen Time and play time.

Here is what we do for everyday shores to ensure all chores get done before they head to the screen or outdoors. Each block earns them a certain amount of screen time for completing. You can choose the value depending on your kids' motivation and abilities. I hope you find this helpful.

We like to add some extras for opportunities for the kids to earn extra time playing or watching or video gaming. This is included in the file above. Below is a screenshot of ideas we incorporate daily. Some parents create a huge poster of all the big things to do around the house, like organizing the closet or donating toys, and check them off as they get done. At the end of the summer, we have a huge party once the poster is filled. We have a huge whiteboard in the dining room that we use for this in the Summer. During the school year, it is used for daily and weekly tasks and subjects studied so that the kids know what to expect for the week.

Yay! The kids earned the screen time and play! Good Job! Now What? I still want to spend quality time with my kids. Lucky for you, there are so many ideas on what to do for summer Here is a bucket and family activities list of fun things to do together once all the chores are done Here.

For those that incorporate reading into their Summer Bucket List or Extra Screen Time Motivators, YAY!, we use a tracker for what books we want the kids to read or what books they have read over the summer, semester, or month. It is all about motivation! One of my kids loves to read so she reads every day and writes a book report twice a week for each book she read. I give her books she is required to read and she adds to the list with books that sound interesting to her. We go to the library every 3 weeks and add to the list! This gives her a good mix of kinds of books and subjects.

We also incorporate this with those who don't read yet or are young readers practicing. My younger readers need a bit more motivation. We read together for 30 min before the TV comes on after the chores are done. We have a family goal of reading 10 books together before they get ice cream.

Here are the resources we use for this motivation.

For Young Aspiring Readers – Learning and Practicing Reading: I Can Read! Tracker identifies what books they have read or what you want them to read. 

After reading a book and they need some practice writing, here is a book report for young kids who can write. It asks simple questions for young children.

For Avid Readers – here is a great I Love to Read Books! book tracker of books they have read or you want them to read for the summer, semester, or month. It also tracks when they completed a book report for each book read.

After the Middle School or grade school student reads, this book report is a great resource for them to think about what they read. Each sheet asks different questions for each book they read. One sheet per book.

For heavy readers in High School or Middle School, Reading Mastery helps identify what kinds of books they read and ensures eclectic variety.

What have you found useful and helpful in your family to help kids with time management and summer boredom? What do you do for your kids to earn summer screen time? I would love to know!


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