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Parent-Recommended Subscription Kits, STEM, School Subject Kits, and Craft Crates for Homeschoolers

Updated: May 9

STEM Subscription Kits
STEM Subscription Kits

Good Quality Kid's Craft Kits or Subscription Boxes are often google searched and difficult to find. There are so many good ones but you don't want to waste your money on a bad one! Have no fear! Here is our collection of kids' learning kits and subscription boxes Tested and Given 5 Stars By Parents Like You. If you have tried one of these, write in the comments below about your thoughts and experiences! If there is one that is not on the list below, please comment and share!


A Learning System that teaches Real Coding, experimentation, and problem-solving! Each level introduces a new computer science concept with a set of app projects that come every month! 6-12yrs

Crunch Labs

Nominated toy of the year in 2022, CrunchLabs is a very small team of design and engineering nerds led by Mark Rober, the Head Nerd & former NASA engineer. The CrunchLab itself is a massive, Willy Wonka-style factory of creativity in the SF Bay Area, where they create each original, buildable engineering toy & every super fun (and science-packed) video from scratch.

Their goal is to show kids and kids at heart how to Think Like an Engineer. To them, thinking like an engineer isn’t about a profession or degree path, it’s a hands-on approach that helps you accomplish whatever you set your mind to. Even if that’s… starting a toy company!

Drew’s Art Box-Art

Their unique lessons employ new and interesting materials (not just paints!) and engage students’ creative problem-solving skills to let creativity guide the outcome of their work. So whether you're 9 or 99, you’ll definitely learn something new with their art boxes!

Eat2Explore-cooking and geography

Experimental cooking kit designed to bring cultural education alive through exploration of world cuisines with time for family, learning tangible cooking skills, exploring world cuisine & cultures, and cultivating sustainable consumption habits at an early age. Monthly to 12-month subscription options.

Escape the Crate-Escape Room Box

They shrink all of the fun of an escape room into a box and mail it out every other month. Each box has everything you need to play and each game is a COMPLETE adventure, so you don’t have to wait months to continue the story!

Genius Box-STEM

Genius Box is a library of innovative, theme-based, and age-appropriate activity kids created for children between the age group of 3-11 years. The activity kits are designed to encourage creativity and curiosity through experiential play and hands-on exploration. Each kit contains a range of interesting activities that comprise of educational projects, puzzles, games, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) activities.

Excavating Adventures

Subscribe and discover up to ten real scientific specimens from around the world each month as you explore and enjoy a new Excavating Adventure delivered right to your door. Identify your ten new rocks, minerals, fossils, seashells, and more each month with the Excavating Adventure card and learn awesome facts and information! Store your specimens in the super cool collector's box and display your ten trading cards in the provided binder sheet. Your collections of cards and specimens will grow each month!

Finders Seekers Junior Explorers

Their adventures are designed for ages 5 - 10+ and provide hours of fun activities where kids explore different world cultures while solving puzzles and creating art. Every box contains a fun four-day itinerary outlining abundant activities to get the brain ticking and heart thumping. Each month, you’ll transport to a different world location where you’ll explore the culture, art, and landmarks. Inside the box, you’ll receive a variety of toys, art supplies, decoders, puzzles, and games. Each box contains activities that explore the 5 disciplines in S.T.E.A.M. - Science, Technology Engineering, Art, and Math. Explore the world while solving mysteries, discovering natural wonders, and making works of art!

Girls Can Crate-History, Art, Science

Girls are innovators, leaders, and creators - and they deserve products that reflect that! The subscription box is a tool kit to inspire future female world changers through reading about inspiring role models, learning science and art, collectibles as a reminder of what is learned, and empowering tips to take the learning further.

Green Kid Crafts-Science and Art

Green Kid Crafts is empowering the next generation of environmental leaders using creative, nature-based STEAM activities. Founded by mother and environmental scientist Penny Bauder in 2010, Green Kid Crafts has sold over 1.5 million boxes specially designed to help children exercise creativity, develop a love of discovery, and learn about the world around them.

*Groovy Lab in a Box-STEM

Hands-on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) experiments. Groovy Lab in a Box encourages children to channel their inner STEMist and provides children the opportunity to focus their imagination, determination, and innate inquisitive nature by way of a monthly hands-on STEM project using the Engineering Design Process.

Groovy Lab in a Box is the brainchild of scientists, parents, educators, and business owners who have worked in the private sector of the science community. Our goal is to make sure every child utilizes their own inner STEMist potential to the fullest. Recommended for Ages 8 and up.

*History Unboxed

Hands-on History Units as a subscription or individual boxes. Ages 5 thru High School. Students love learning history the Unboxed way! Make your curriculum come alive.

For subscriptions, each month you will receive a new box exploring a different place in time, according to the era you selected. For single boxes or a complete curriculum, everything arrives at once, for you to use when you are ready. Each box contains:

  • An age-specific coloring sheet

  • 1-2 (very!) high-quality crafts

  • A sticker for your timeline

  • 2-3 items of additional enrichment material

For the Ancient and Middle Ages subscriptions, the box you receive will depend on the month, and all subscribers will receive the same box that month—great for collaborating with friends who are also subscribers!

For the American History subscription, boxes arrive according to a set sequence, so as to build the story of our nation chronologically.

I’m The Chef Too

An edible adventure that allows children to discover, inspire, question, create and invent all through the world of cooking!

Ivy Kids

Ivy Kids is a monthly educational subscription box for children ages 3-8. It is their goal to make every moment with your child "quality time." Have the tools at your fingertips to ensure your child has a solid foundation in math, literacy, and science. Help your child build confidence and be well-rounded in all disciplines to ensure future academic success. The activities in the Ivy Kits have been created by certified early childhood teachers with children of their own.


KiwiCo was founded by a mom and engineer, with a mission to inspire the next generation of innovators and problem solvers through seriously fun hands-on projects. Since 2011, KiwiCo has delivered over 40 million crates to kids of different ages, interests, and abilities, all around the world.

Music Lessons in a Box Subscription
Learn Piano Live

Learn Piano Live-Piano Lessons

Music lessons in a subscription box or digital class. Various Ages

*Letters From Afar

A fun way to explore the world through engaging elaborate letters written on location about the magic of Paris to culture and art from remote villages. Monthly, 6-month, yearly, or digital subscription.

Little Passports

Inspire every little builder, artist, storyteller, and experimenter with new monthly discoveries

Little Sous Kitchen Subscription Box for Kids in the Kitchen
Little Sous

Little Sous-Cooking Box

Monthly Cooking Subscription For elementary ages that includes hand-illustrated lessons and recipes, science and art-focused activities, kid-safe kitchen tools, jumbo, cultural coloring poster, and collectible vinyl stickers.

Meet the Masters Art and History Subscription Kit for Kids
Meet the Masters

Meet the Masters

Meet the Masters has been providing engaging Elementary School Art curricula since 1985. All 35 artist units come in multiple grade levels and are organized into 5 Tracks. They are incredibly well-researched so that they can be taught by teachers, docents, or parent volunteers without having to create additional curricula—Meet the Masters has done the work and made it easy for you. They also have an excellent Online Elementary Art Curriculum for all the art history enthusiasts out there.

Mel Science/Mel Kids-Science/Chemistry/Physics

Get a monthly dose of discovery, valuable bonding time, and fun, with over 100 hands-on science kits.

Moxie Box-Art

MoxieBox (art projects in a box), offers your young artist super fun art projects developed for ages 5 to 105 years old containing high-quality supplies, a detailed, full-color spiral-bound instruction booklet, and more! No need to buy anything extra to create a keepsake work of art. MoxieBoxes are delivered directly to your home. Each lesson introduces a new medium and artist or movement to your child while inspiring individual, creative expression. Easy to pack and take on family vacations. Great for having fun and reducing screen time. Awesome reusable, stackable boxes for art and supplies storage. Perfect for gift-giving!

Outside the Box Creation-Art and Literature

Developing tomorrow’s great thinkers, creative problem solvers, and innovators through the power of art! (Kits or Subscriptions)Ages 5-11

Paletteful Packs

Each month they select a thematic collection of art supplies. One month may be acrylic paint, the next graphite and charcoal, and more! They are always on the lookout for the newest and most exciting art products. Paletteful Packs is committed to giving you a full introduction to the media selection for the month and providing everything you need to create a work of art. Every month they also post a video for the Premier Pack on the YouTube channel.

Places Please-Theater Subscription Box

Theatre lessons in a box include a storybook with three to five props and/or costume pieces, a Parent Resource Guide filled with ideas on imaginative play scenarios, questions to inspire conversation, warm-ups such as fun tongue twisters, and many other ideas to spark creativity and imagination. Elementary Age


A thematic cooking kit each month that teaches weekly thematic cooking lessons incorporating math, science, nutrition, geography, and culture through teamwork and independent projects using your Raddish membership! Recommended for ages 4 to 14 and older.

Rally Felt Co

A monthly subscription of felt pieces delivered to your door! Each month your child will receive one of their favorite children's books with all of the felt pieces we have designed to go along with it. They can use their felt pieces to retell the story, create their own story, or play something totally new. We include a monthly flyer with extension activities to prompt your child's creativity. Recommended for 3-6 years of age.

Sketchbox-art supplies

An art subscription box. Every month they ship a balance of the best drawing and painting art supplies for you to explore every month.

Steve Spangler Science

Science kits and toys are designed to encourage children to ask questions and study the world around them through engaging activities and experiments.

Talk Box

With our program, you learn a foreign language as a family the same way you learned your first: talking as life happens!

Think Outside Boxes outdoor/nature activities

Offer your kids the perfect way to build an unbreakable bond with nature that will last forever! These award-winning nature-themed educational subscription boxes for kids ages 7+ are filled with fun and enriching activities, gear, and adventures that will help your older kids and teens create and sharpen their outdoor skills, ignite their imagination, and find happiness and fulfillment that simply can’t be found on a digital screen. Start the transition from screens to streams today and sign up for our outdoor monthly subscription boxes!

WompleBox Studios Subscription Box for Kids
WompleBox Studios

*Womple Studios

Teaching kids about the amazing world around us through creative storytelling and activities. The kits include Adventure Books, fun STEM activities, and Hands-On Projects.  (Kits or Subscriptions) Recommended for Ages 3-11.

Wonder Crate-Biographies

A book subscription box that inspires kids to dream big, one great role model at a time.

If you have tried one of these Subscription Kits, I would love to learn your thoughts! If there is one that is not on the list, please comment and share!

*I am an affiliate for these programs at no extra cost to you.


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