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  • Jill Breymann

Side Hustles: Remote, Part-Time, Side Gig; Job Ideas During Economic Crash.

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Working remotely became a trend during covid and now it is a necessity with the economic crash. Whether you are in need of a remote job, a side hustle, working on your Ramsey Baby Steps, or want to do something different; there are so many options for income. First ask yourself these questions, "What are your passions? What are your talents? What are your hobbies? How can you monetize those?" You can start making money doing what you love! Here are some creative and brilliant side hustles to spark your imagination!

  • Babysitting for a friend during the day or for Date Night or even for those that work nights. - check your state regulations first! Some require licenses.

JuneCare - temporary, back-up, or everyday childcare. Earn money while parenting! - Professional Nanny Placement - Connecting families with quality, local caregivers - Babysitting, Nanny, Special Needs, Tutoring - Connect with nannies near you

Next door app

Local Facebook groups

  • Caregiving for the elderly at an independent living facility. Helping with dishes, ironing, emptying the trash, and other general housekeeping tasks.

  • Bookkeeping - learn Quickbooks to help others

  • Physician Billing after taking classes at a local tech school

  • Walk Your Neighbor's Dogs

  • Pet-Sitting on

  • Poop Picker-Uper (Pet Waste Removal Technician)- charge per dog and an extra fee for a large yard. The average price is $17-23/week with a 15 min job per week on-site once on a regular schedule.

  • Clean people's city trash cans using owners' water hose.

  • Virtual Assistant

  • Sell Baked Goods - Check your state regulations first

  • Find popular items on Facebook Market Place, yard sales, Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. then clean up and flip them for profit. Track all expenses, mileage, and how much the items sold for the end-of-year taxes. Use Poshmark or Mercari for things worth more than $10. Use Ebay, Facebook, and in-person opportunities to sell.

  • Make and sell cute crocket stuffed animals or other cute things

  • Sell Freeze Dried Candy

  • Make and sell custom cutlery

  • Sell Seeds in solo cups - grow indoors under a plant light, and increase the price as the plant grows. Grow some veggies and herbs to help your grocery bill and sell excess produce. Libraries and local groups have seed swaps where you can get a nice variety and sell your excess seeds from last season.

  • Offer Custom Sewing

  • Chat Only, Phone Only, or Phone and Chat, Call Center feel, or Paper Shuffler. Minimum of 5 hours a week with shifts that work for you.

  • Amazon Customer Service - remote jobs

  • Life Insurance Agent

  • Wedding Coordinator

  • Renting out Bounce Houses for parties - include liability waiver for all customers

  • Uhaul has remote part-time positions

  • Member Services for Insurance and Medicaid Companies

  • 1800Contacts has remote jobs

  • Unarmed Security at events such as sports and concerts

  • Run Errands for lawyers, businesses, salons, etc.

  • Apple Home Advisor is a remote job

  • Wash people's or company's laundry, fold and dry, and get paid $1.25 per pound.

Popular App: Sudshare

Laundry Services Idea
Laundry Services Idea

  • Bartender for Weddings

  • Server at local Restaurants

  • Sell kids' toys, clothes, books, and anything else around the house you don't use anymore.

  • Run trivia weekly at local restaurants and Music Bingo at a local Winery. Use the subscription Quiz Runners ($60/mo) for trivia and subscription Bingo Baker for making bingo cards and Spotify for making playlists.

  • United Health Care has remote jobs

  • Aetna/CVS Health has remote jobs

  • Become a Financial Educator

  • Donate Plasma

  • Lawn Mowing

  • Snow Removal

  • Tutoring online or in-person

  • House Cleaner, Church Cleaner, Commercial Cleaner, AirBnB House Cleaner - advertise on the Nextdoor Neighborhood App

  • Evening desk jobs at tanning salons, and fitness studios

  • Childcare worker for Church MOPS, and gyms.

  • Optavia Health Coach

  • Dog Grooming - apprenticeship industry

  • Discover has remote jobs

  • Repair and Clean Residential Gas Grills

  • Doordash, Uber Eats, Amazon Flex, Walmart Spark, instacart

  • Janitor

  • Front Desk help at a hotel

  • Gardening or Landscaping Services in someone else's yard

  • Host paint-and-sip events on Facebook for paid members

  • Public Notary

  • Notary Loan Signing Agent

  • Remote Online Notary

  • Home Depot has remote jobs

  • Omni Interactions has remote jobs

  • Cashier at local retail stores

  • Make jewelry

  • Honey Bee Removal

  • Seasonal Tree Farming, working for greenhouses, or detasseling corn

  • Bag Drop or Beverage Cart at higher-end golf courses

  • Consulting Business - know someone that could use your services at a reduced rate? Help them and do an awesome job then ask for referrals.

  • Mix Sound Board Operator for local bands at sports pubs on the weekends

  • Design, manufacture and sell unique electronic devices.

  • Sell e-books on Amazon and Kindle

  • Provide a washing business for horse trailers, trucks, propane tanks, fences, etc

  • Get Cash Back using these apps: Rakuten, BYBE, retail me not, upside, fetch, ibott, receipt hot, etc.

This is an amazing resource for side hustles to earn extra cash! If you have done something that is or is not on this list, let us know! I love the creativity and the imagination people have!

Find a Need - Fill a Need.


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