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Parent-Tested and Approved Enrichment Activities, Ideas, and Kits for Kids.

Updated: May 9

Enrichment Activities, Ideas, and Kits
Parent-Tested and Approved Enrichment Activities, Ideas, and Kits for Kids.

Here are some Parent-Tested and Approved Enrichment Activities, Ideas, and Kits for Kids and learning tools found to be amazing additions to homeschool learning. Teaching 5 different kids who have 5 different learning skills and preferences, I add many different outlets of learning to engage all 5. I like to collect different resources to teach each core subject.

Acorn Naturalists

Online store filled with wonderful outdoor activities, units, and equipment including freshwater activities, Forest Ecosystems, Water Quality, replicas to learn up-close and personal and so much more!


A Learning System that teaches Real Coding! Each level introduces a new computer science concept with a set of app projects that come every month! 6-12yrs

Dash Into Learning

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Playful phonics learning sets for early readers. Early Reading books are ideal for parents who want to supplement their child's school education and for the home school family who wants a complete early phonics reading program.

Explore Geo Kidz

Unique kits are created by a real geologist and include fun and exciting experiments, real tools used by geologists, and beautiful mineral and rock specimens.

Homeschool In a Box

Science, Literature, History, Geography, PE, sewing, woodworking

Home Science Lab

Science Experiments on a theme (available in Spanish too) Ages 6-11

Insect Lore

Watch the magic of metamorphosis with children, families, and schools up close and personal with your own caterpillar, ladybug, Praying Mantis or ants. Redeem your voucher from My Fathers World or kits purchased in stores.

Know Yourself

Human Anatomy tools, kits, books, and Youtube access to learning the human body and its systems designed for kids.

Nature Watch

Educational nature products and crafty activity kits are designed to teach about nature. Environmental Science Curriculum and Nature Craft Projects that enlighten and enliven the learning experience.

Northwest Treasures

State park geology kits are collected by hand and created for you. They run specials each month for state parks that they visited. They also provide books with rocks, how to identify rocks, and classes on-site for those homeschoolers that travel and explore for their class.

Origami Organelles

Print, Make and Learn! Engaging paper models and learning tools. Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Biology, Cells and Organelles, Chemistry, Disease and Immunity, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Plant Science, and Physics.

Harbor + Sprout Unit Studies

Beautiful Units are available through digital download, single, or subscription for ages 3-12. Some subjects include Forensic Science, Chemistry, Astronomy, Beekeeping, Aviation, Oceanography, Paleontology, Geology, Botony, Homesteading, Human Body, Forestry, and so much more!

Quality Science Labs

High school science lab kits include Earth Science, Life Science Physical Science, Biology, and Chemistry.


Here you will find the individual RATATAZ kits for our home school community. The individual kits rotate frequently as products are sold out or in production. Hands-on science kits with a full-color reader for grades 2-5.

RATATAZ is a way to introduce fundamental science concepts in easy-to-use student-directed, activity-based kits. These subscription boxes cover all five core subjects—Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, and Astronomy—to nurture kids’ incredible capacity for learning advanced concepts. Recommended starting at grades 2 to 5 with an advanced series for middle school and high school.

*Simply Fun

Educational games for preschool age and up with fun family learning. Supplemented structured learning with life and educational skill development.

42 Electronics

Science video lessons with kits. How to Build Circuits, Write Code, Build a Robot and so much more!

If you have a great recommendation for Parent-Tested and Approved Enrichment Activities, Ideas, and Kits for Kids, please comment and share!


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